"If you can’t fly, then run.  If you can’t run, then walk.  If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

- Martin Luther King Jr. -
Dr. Sharleen McDowall, Psy.D., C.Psych.
Registered Psychologist
Infertility Infertility



The journey of infertility is a difficult one. Women and men diagnosed with infertility experience a variety of infertility-related stressors. For individuals  who have difficulty conceiving, life can feel like a roller coaster – frequent ups and downs and a confusing mix of emotions. The infertility experience for many can range from multiple diagnostic procedures through progressively more aggressive treatment options, all of which impose demands upon the emotional and physical self. It's no wonder that many women/men experience severe stress, depression, or anxiety during treatment for infertility. 

If you are experiencing significant anxiety, worry or depression or are noticing new problems in your relationship due to infertility, then we can help you.  we offer cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for women and couples dealing with infertility. Our approach is practical, goal-oriented, compassionate, and focusing on your individual needs.

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